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Testimonials from Academic Partners

Dr. Sarah BettigoleDr. Sarah Bettigoleformerly of
"Seven months ago we simply had an idea, and today we have small molecules that inhibit our most exciting biological target. We never could have anticipated being able to translate our exciting biological findings into our own small molecule inhibitors. This relationship will be invaluable for academic labs looking to take their research to the next level."
SilhouetteDr. Gang Lin
"In 2009, we reported two classes of inhibitors that selectively inhibit the Mtb proteasome. However, the first class of inhibitors was unstable in aqueous solution and the second class was unstable on incubation with microsomes. We tried to improve the pharmaceutical properties of the inhibitors by developing peptidomimetic classes, but our studies progressed slowly until we began to consult with TDI."
Professor Sid StricklandProfessor Sid Strickland
"The collaboration with the TDI has been extremely important for our lab. We have received superb advice about chemical strategies to modify a lead compound for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and the chemistry has been executed by the TDI staff with great skill. We could never have attempted these studies on our own. The TDI scientists and administrators are extraordinarily knowledgeable, effective, and collegial, and have made our collaboration productive and a pleasure."
Professor Barry CollerProfessor Barry Coller
"Working with TDI has been enormously helpful to our project since it has made it possible for us to test our hypothesis by analyzing many compounds in our functional assay. It has also been a great pleasure to work as a multidisciplinary team comprised of medicinal chemists, computational structural biologists, and experimentalists. We especially appreciate Dr. Foley’s leadership and guidance."
Professor Yariv HouvrasProfessor Yariv Houvras
"Through the TDI initiative we have assembled a dynamic team of biologists and chemists to study an extraordinarily difficult problem… The addition of Takeda and the leadership of Dr. Foley has been of tremendous benefit, and we have new tool compounds that far exceed our expectations…This has been a very satisfying collaboration as all parties are highly motivated to succeed and achieve a common goal."
Professor Minkui LuoProfessor Minkui Luo
"TDI leverages the strength of the pharmaceutical industry under a pure academic setting. With the aid of TDI scientists, we were able to evaluate hundreds of potential drug candidates in an extremely short period time and more importantly communicate the results and calibrate promising research avenues in a timely manner. The TDI sets up a new mode for collaboration between academic labs and pharmaceutical industry."
Professor Marilyn ReshProfessor Marilyn Resh
"This unique collaboration has enabled our basic research-focused, academic lab to achieve an end result that typically only occurs at the commercial/industrial level. The medicinal chemistry support from the TDI chemists and Directors has been invaluable in accelerating progress through the bench to bedside pathway."


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