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Testimonials from Academic Partners

Professor C. David AllisProfessor C. David Allis
"Dr. Liling Wan (a former postdoc in the lab who is now an assistant professor at UPenn) and I have been most impressed and pleased with all of our interactions with TDI. From our project's beginning at TDI to its graduation, TDI designed and developed a promising group of lead small molecules that target a key chromatin regulator that plays a role in leukemia and other childhood cancers. We look forward to more progress toward novel effective therapeutic approaches against these diseases that TDI made possible with their intelligence, expertise and dedication. It is a uniformly impressive group, and we remain very grateful for their efforts."
Dr. Anthony DaniyanDr. Anthony Daniyan
"Although chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells have revolutionized the treatment of hematologic cancers, this benefit has not extended to the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, the most prevalent and lethal acute leukemia. We approached TDI with two ideas to address this critical therapeutic gap and emerged with therapeutically viable CAR T cells with extremely robust activity in aggressive human AML xenograft models. We have since gone on to license the fruits of these endeavors and anticipate seeing them in the clinic for the treatment of relapsed/refractory AML as soon as the end of 2022. The experience of collaborating with the TDI on both projects was simply amazing. The level of expertise, depth of knowledge, and technical skill demonstrated by the TDI is unmatched, and it has led us to return to them on several more occasions seeking additional collaborations. TDI is an invaluable asset, and I am looking forward to continuing working with them to make cures possible for the treatment of cancers."
Lukas DowProfessor Lukas Dow
"We came to TDI as a cancer genetics lab with an idea, but no experience in drug development. The biologists, computational and medicinal chemists, and advisory team have brought this idea to life. We set out to develop selective inhibitors against a very challenging target and TDI worked with us to design various diverse and paralleled strategies to meet this goal. It has been a thoughtful and tailored approach, and one of the most fruitful collaborations I have been involved in. In addition to the generation of multiple new lead compounds that we are actively pursuing, the biggest and most welcome surprise is the time and energy that the team has put forth to understand the biological rationale behind our project and make sure we understand the chemistry and strategy underlying drug development. I’ll tell anyone that will listen: Work with TDI if you have the chance."
Dr. Jeffrey B. ReichDr. Jeffrey B. ReichWeill Cornell Medicine
"Sparian Biosciences spun out of MSK with the worldwide rights to SBS1000- a novel analgesic for acute and chronic pain. SBS1000 was in fact the very first compound on which TDI engaged in 2014. The confirmatory efficacy, PK and exploratory toxicology data that was generated by the TDI ultimately allowed Sparian to secure $20M in NIH/NIDA HEAL grant funding. We are now anticipating filing an IND by the Fall 2021 with plans to enter human trials in January 2022. We are grateful to TDI for initially championing the project and sheparding the compound through the very early stages of development and allowing us to hit the ground running on our way to the clinic. Because of the work initiated by the TDI, Sparian now has 4 drugs under development and is the recipient of two NIH sponsored grants totaling $23M in funding."

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